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Llandinam Local History Fairs
2013 & 14

The Village Hall Centenary Restoration project involved not only much-meeded repairs and renovations to teh fabric of the building, but also a project to understand the history of the building and the activities that had taken place there over the past one hundred years.

The story was not one that could be understood in isolation. That is why the project eventually included three interpretation panels: one on the village of Llandinam; one on the Davies family of Llandinam, whose wealth made the hall possible; and one on the design, layout and building of the hall.

That approach was further developed by holding two History Fairs to which individual reseatchers, neighbouring museums, and public bodies contributed.

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From the Saturday 27th September 2014 History Fair Programme

"The day will include an oportunity to scan any documents or photographs into our archive (and have a copy to show your friends), a session on identifying 'finds' from the archaelogists at Clywyd-Powys (bring a photograph or an item along for them to see) and some new material from Llandinam.

There will be a small exhibition of documents from the wartime evacuation of Gordonstounn school to Plas Dinam and Broneirion, archive film footage from Girl Guides at Broneirion in 1940s and 1950s, and a chance to tour Llandinam Village Hall, with its new interpretive panels.

10am to 4pm Admission Free

Official Opening by Lord Davies of Llandinam

10.30 Community Archaelogy Clwyd-Powys Archaelogical Trust
11.00 Aspects of Welshpool History Alan Crowe
11.30 Arwystli in the Great War Nick Venti & Nia Griffiths
12.00 Newtown Local History Publications Joy Hamer
12.30 Y Lle Hanes, Meifod 2015 Carrie White
2.00 Brandy Balls & Sticky Bottoms TASC Community Film
2.30 Guides at Broneirion Historic Film Footage
3.00 The Past & Its Future Philip Freeman

Identifying Your Finds Bring your finds to be identified by CPAT
Tours of the Village Hall Explore this remarkable century-old building
The 1947 Pageant Film from the National Screen Archive
Digitising Bring your documents and photos to be scanned
Browse Local authors and publications